Sunday, October 2, 2011

Print vs. Digital

Hannah and Dustin!
I can honestly say I think it's impossible to be fully on one side of the argument,  however I would say I'm 95% on Hannah's side. On one hand I agree with Dustin in that I do read a book once and, save a few of my favorite books, never read it again. In this way it seems a waste. However, if I decide I won't read the book again, I can donate it to a second hand store or a community outreach program, where my book will be put to good use. Or I can give it to my brother to read, or my parents. No matter what, eventually the book that I read once or twice and then kept on my shelf for the rest of my life will travel to someone or someplace else when I don't want it anymore.
When I was in Mexico traveling with my family, I met this girl my age at one of the hotels we stayed at. After a few days hanging out with her, my family was moving on to the next city in our itinerary. When I was saying bye to my new friend (I can't remember her name but we were friends at the time I promise...heh) and she asked if I had any books I was done with. Since we were doing a lot of driving on our trip I brought several books to fulfill my time in the car. I had read a few already so I gave her one of mine. At first I was hesitant because I did like the book and I wasn't super eager to give it away... but I did and for some reason it just made me feel good to know every time she saw the book she'd remember that girl who gave it to her on a vacation in Mexico.
Plus, I would 100% prefer to read a book in hard copy than on the internet. Reading digital copies of anything gives me a headache within minutes.
Also... books just look good on a shelf... my room feels so much fuller because of my book shelf in the corner. And, what if you're on an airplane and your kindle on which you were reading your book runs out of battery? You're screwed. Books don't run out of battery...
However I will say that we shouldn't be entirely in print. Print can be destroyed, whereas no matter what happens, something that is posted on the internet will be in cyberspace forever, ensuring it's immortality.
In conclusion, I take the side of print over digital. I think Hannah is right; it is a better, more enriching and more engaging experience to read a book in your hands printed on paper versus typeface on a computer or e-reader.

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