Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Duality of Ichabod

Tim Burton has a one of a kind mind. His interpretations of characters and the original characters he creates always have a quirky or dark side of them. In the Sleepy Hollow short story, Ichabod sings and is charming and gossips and his a sweet, selfless young man. Burton's interpretation is not really like this at all. Johnny Depp's portrayal of Ichabod is reserved, odd, lanky and mysterious. Both characters do seem kind-hearted, which makes them easy to like, which will make readers or viewers more emotionally attached to the story.  I personally prefer Burton's character simply because it's more interesting and captivating to watch someone who has intriguing features. I hope we finish the movie in class to see how Burton ends his movie and the evolution of the Ichabod character.

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